About PE Valve

We are a manufacturer of refrigeration valves and have been servicing the refrigeration industry with the highest quality valves since 1959.

We manufacture split condenser, heat reclaim, hot gas defrost, and solenoid valves for the H & AC industry.

We make the most efficient valves in the business.

Our valves range in capacity from 5 ton to 175 ton and can be rated for 650 PSI working pressure.

We make the only serviceable heat pump reversing valve in the business.

Our control coils are fully interchangeable, i.e. each coil will fit any valve we make.

The basic features of our valves are readily customized to meet your engineering needs, Including applications such as pressure drop control, liquid injection, or flow control.

We supply valves to the supermarket industry for use in heat reclaim and split condenser applications. Our valves are installed by OEM rack and case manufactures, such as Kysor/Warren, Hill Phoenix, Hussmann, Zero Zone, and Tyler Refrigeration.

We supply Compressor Unloading Valves and various other valves to customers like York International, Carrier Corporation, Trane Company, Frick Company, Hydro-Temp, and Mammoth.

Additional products include a line of On/Off, Directional Flow, and Hot Gas Defrost Valves.

If you have any further questions, please contact us . We look forward to hearing from you.