If possible, the valve should be installed with sil-fos copper solder as it relieves the possibility of flux getting between the spool and the valve wall, Any flux will completely stop the spool from shifting.

All tubes should be entered into the valve connections before brazing so that no undue stress is placed on the valve.

The valve may be oriented in any position, however if there is a likelihood of condensation, the coil should be in a position where the moisture will drain off.

Use of wet rags or any water-cooling should be avoided as steam or water can cause minor rust which will get between the spool and the valve wall thereby making the valve inoperable.

Do not clamp the body with any type of clamp as this can distort the valve, since the valve is fitted to very close tolerances. Any clamp should be placed on the tubing six tube diameters away from the valve body, making sure that all tubes have room to expand and contract. Remember that the interchange tubing alternate from hot to cold.

Mounting brackets can be installed on PE Valves during manufacturing, please submit a drawing of your bracket.

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