As a manufacture specializing in the design, engineering, and service of products for the refrigeration industry, it is P.E. Valve Company’s strategic mission:

· To consistently provide its customers with high-quality products at the lowest possible cost, and

· To further develop and nurture “partnerships” with our customers through a commitment to superior service, quality, and responsiveness to our customers needs.

P.E. Valve Company, Inc. maintains a commitment to produce the finest valves and related products in the world. This dedication has made P.E. Valve a leader in the refrigeration industry since 1959.

As a full service organization, PE Valve offers a complete package of technical services, including new product design, prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, production control, sales, and marketing to satisfy the needs of companies like your own.

Whether you need a few parts or a large volume of parts, PE Valve is here to meet your needs. Should you have any questions about our company, services, or full line of products, please contact us.


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