The unique design and operational features of PE 4-way valves will dramatically increase the efficiency of virtually every heat pump you manufacture. Our shear-action type valve design with a revolutionary spool and body, decrease pressure drop by more than 60% – compared to competitor valves in similar applications. Each valve maintains constant flow and minimizes pressure drop.

Exclusive, patented interchange spool design and logical placement of refrigerant passages reduces high/lowside leakage and minimizes metal-to-metal contact and wear. You obtain the highest BTU per watt output from PE Valves because of this exclusive design.

For example, assume you have a 2 PSI (0.14 bar) drop in your present 4-way refrigerant valve. Using a similar PE 4-way valve in this situation would reduce that pressure drop 60% or to just .8 PSI (.055 bar). In a 5-ton system, this would represent an increase of approximately 4,000 BTU without any increase of input wattage.

Other PE Valves are similarly efficient. Models are available up to 175 ton capacity.


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