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Valve Search by Feature

{jumi [valvefeaturesearch_client.js]} Tons 3 to 66.1 to 1010.1 to 20.420.5 to 35.936 to 5657 to 8081 to 100101 to 175 Pump out Discharge port size 1/2″5/8″3/4″7/8″1-1/8″1-3/8″1-5/8″2-1/8″2-3/8″2-5/8″3-1/8″4-1/8″ Ammonia Interchange port size 1/2″5/8″3/4″7/8″1-1/8″1-3/8″1-5/8″2-1/8″2-3/8″2-5/8″3-1/8″4-1/8″ Select a flow pattern


Refrigerants of compounded compounds can fractionate; we recommend keeping the valve in a cabinet above freezing. Also these refrigerants can have “Glide” when one of the components boils before another. Valves operated near these flash points may have shifting problems. For specific information, contact PE Valve. Refrigerants R-12 134a (R-134a) MP39 (R-401a) 409A (R-409a) R-500 MP66 (R-401B) […]

Valve Features – Dependable, Efficient

The unique design and operational features of PE 4-way valves will dramatically increase the efficiency of virtually every heat pump you manufacture. Our shear-action type valve design with a revolutionary spool and body, decrease pressure drop by more than 60% – compared to competitor valves in similar applications. Each valve maintains constant flow and minimizes pressure drop. Exclusive, […]